Stitch Fix Reviews 1-3

Even though I am a shopaholic, I hate shopping in stores. I much prefer online shopping and deliveries. I order most of my recurring needs (cat food, paper towels, K-cups etc.) through Amazon Prime, and I use food delivery services like Home Chef for my groceries. More on food deliveries later 😉

When I found out that I could have clothing selected by someone else and mailed to me, that sounded like something right up my alley. I could keep up my shopaholic tendencies while not having to actually shop. Now before you think I have gone back on my capsule wardrobe resolution: I promise I have not! Two of my fixes came in before I cleansed my wardrobe, and now I am just swapping out some items I have had for a while with newer, better quality ones. Plus Dave and I struck a deal: for every one item I purchase from Stitch Fix, I get rid of two other items. So it’s okay!!

Anyway…I had seen a lot of Stitch Fix ads on Facebook and Instagram so I understood the general concepts. Fill out a detailed styling profile, pay a $20 styling fee that can be credited towards any purchase (or forfeited if you choose not to purchase anything), get the box in the mail, keep what you want and send the rest back. Free shipping both ways. I was just hesitant to risk the $20 fee, because despite being a shopaholic I am also a total miser. Thankfully my friend Vanessa already used Stitch Fix and she kindly provided me with a referral link to waive the styling fee, so I decided to give it a try!

For your reference:

My size:

  • Height:  5’7″
  • Bust: 34DD
  • Waist: 26″
  • Hips: 36″
  • Feet: 7

My style:

My style is smart casual. This is a pretty ambiguous term, but it is basically a laid back middle ground. I will mix dressy pieces with casual ones, and the dressy pieces elevate the casual, and the casual pieces bring down the dressy. A nice blazer and pumps paired with jeans and a basic t-shirt, or a little black dressed combined with a casual kimono and sandals.

I have ranked each fix from 1-5 stars, and I let you know my long winded thoughts on each!

Fix #1

Kept 1/5 Items

In my profile I specified everything should be “the cheaper the better” (the next tier up was $50-100 so my range should be at or under $50). I stated that I only wear tops that are fitted through the torso, and to avoid boxy/baggy tops as I am very busty and don’t want things to just hang from my largest point. I also selected the option to eliminate floral patterns, as I had just gone on a floral clothing bender the month prior. Lastly, I asked for a pair of dressier pants as I pretty much only had jeans.


IMG-0355I loved this necklace! I don’t normally spend over $25 on statement jewelry, but the necklace is very unique and I couldn’t find anything similar for a lesser point, so I decided to hang on to it. I wear it quite often so I feel like I am getting my money’s worth.



IMG-0357This was a nice cardigan, very soft with a flattering shape. The color was okay in the photo but ended up being almost neon in person. Coupled with the fact I already have similar cardigans in more muted colors lead me to send it back.



IMG-0356The fit of this was more flattering than a typical skater dress, however I specifically asked for no florals, and it wasn’t even a sophisticated floral. If they had sent the dress in any other pattern I probably would have kept it.


IMG-0359This one was extremely disappointing, not only was it again a floral print (and a very juvenile floral at that) but it was incredibly short and boxy. It barely covered my belly button, and bagged in a way that made me look twice my size.


IMG-0358This was my biggest disappointment. The pants were amazing, as if they were designed just for me. But when I saw the price tag I was irked. These pants are definitely worth the $88, however $88 is well outside of the budget I had stated. My friend Vanessa had selected the $50-100 range and received an amazing pair of $45 pants, so it made no sense to me that with my lower budget I would receive something so expensive. Especially because we are about the same size, it wasn’t like one of us was shopping petites and the other plus size.

Final Verdict:


I gave this box 2/5 stars because there was only a couple items in my price range that even came closing to meeting my specifications. I left Stitch Fix my negative feedback, explaining that I did not feel comfortable continuing their service as it was pretty apparent the stylist did not take my preferences or requests into account. They responded quickly and offered to waive my styling fee if I tried a second fix. So I decided to give it another shot since it was going to be risk free again.

Fix #2:

Kept 1/5 Items

In my profile I stated even more strongly that I wanted everything under $50, and to only send tight/fitted shirts. I eliminated all patterns from my options and requested only simple and versatile items that I could dress up or down.


IMG-0361I was very pleased with these pants, the are so much better in person than in the photo. These were within budget and very flattering, and in person the color is a beautiful deep olive green. The ponte material is extremely comfortable, almost like wearing leggings, but they still look like professional work slacks. I have already worn these countless times.

Sent Back:

IMG-0350This shirt was pretty baggy and unflattering, however I don’t fault the stylist for the fit because in the photo it looks like it tapers in at the bottom, but in reality it gets wider. I realize a lot of the stylists are working remotely and don’t necessarily get to see each item in person. The glitter detail was a bit too gaudy in person which would have prevented me from buying it regardless.

IMG-0352This shirt was a disaster. The pattern was just way too busy (especially for requesting NO patterns) and the colors were much more vibrant in person, but not in a good way. It was also extremely short and boxy like the one I sent back in my first fix. I am not sure what the stylist was thinking. It’s like she read what I didn’t want, then sent that to me.

IMG-0353This one was a solid attempt, but still a let down. Had the cardigan looked like the photo I definitely would have kept it. However in person it wasn’t a creamy light blush color, it was a dingy greyish beige that honestly just looked dirty. And while the texture of the material itself was awesome, the cut was bulky.


IMG-0354I had high hopes for this dress, however the fit was awkward on me. The bust was way too tight, but the waist band was about 4 inches too loose. It seemed like it was cut to fit a very straight figure, it didn’t take into account any curves. However I think the stylist still had the right idea. If it were cut differently I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

Final Verdict:


I gave this fix 3/5 stars. I think my stylist had the right idea for a lot of the pieces, the products just didn’t match up well with the photos. However she NAILED the pants, all of the prices were on point, and had the cardigan and dress fit better those would have been wins as well, so I am giving this fix a 3. I decided to order again, especially when I realized they have a men’s section. I referred Dave which waived his styling fee, and in turn I was credited $25 towards my next fix. So yet another risk free trial for both of us. (I will do a separate update for Dave a little later.)

Fix #3:

Kept 1/5 Items

This time around I really emphasized that I wanted ALL my tops to be fitted, and to not even bother sending anything unless it was tight through the torso. I also pinned a lot of business casual outfits to my Pinterest board, and specified in my notes to not send jeans as I already have too many.


IMG-0346Hooray, finally a top that is fitted through the waist! It is really simple, but you can tell it’s a high quality material that will hold up well, and it doesn’t wrinkle which is a huge win. Plus the price is a steal, and combined with my $25 credit it would be just $11.


Sent Back:


IMG-0347I loved this shirt, the color was pretty and the material was butter soft. However the picture is a bit deceptive as far as the shape. In the photo it looks like it tapers in at the waist, but in reality it is wider through the waist than at the chest. It looked like a strange tent on me. I don’t blame the stylist at all though, I would have chosen this for myself based on the photo too.

IMG-0349This shirt was virtually identical to the boxy/ugly shirts I returned the previous fixes. It is apparent from the photo that it is not fitted through the torso, and I looked really large in it. I was pretty annoyed that this was the third shirt I received with the same exact same shape despite leaving the same negative feedback each time.

IMG-0348This was a swing and a miss. I appreciate that she checked out my Pinterest and sent me business casual, but this was way over budget, and it wasn’t even a nice blazer. It was an XS but was extremely baggy through the shoulders and arms, fit the chest okay but hung straight down from that point making me look, once again (you guessed it) huge. The sleeves were a really awkward length, not quite long enough to be full length but not short enough to be ¾ either. Just looked like my arms had outgrown it. The color was a really strange Kermit the frog green, and the polka dot trim was much more vibrant than in the photo. The whole thing just looked bizarre. I don’t fault the stylist for the fit, again it is hard to tell from the photo. However I am still frustrated this was so far outside my price point, especially since I know ladies my size who received lovely blazers for far less.

IMG-0362I said no jeans, I said nothing over $50. So what does she send? A $68 pair of jeans. I tried them on just to see, and wasn’t impressed. They were so stiff they could almost stand up by themselves, and Dave swears he could hear them creak. I do not think they were worth the $68 price tag, so even if I had been looking for jeans, those would not have fit the bill.

Final Verdict:


I gave this fix 2/5 stars. The stylist clearly checked out my Pinterest board, and even mentioned that in her style note to me, so I really appreciate the fact that she looked at what I wanted. I love the Dolman top, and the purple sweater would have been a wardrobe staple if it had been cut differently. However the sleeveless shirt was a dud, and the blazer and jeans were over budget and not worth their price tag.

Final thoughts:

I think the stylists are at a disadvantage in that they don’t get to see all the items in person, so they have to rely on a single photo that may or may not accurately represent the item. I think they should have a bit more to go on. I also wish their website had the option to select how important the budget is to you. I understand some ladies are fine spending an extra $30+ per item if it’s something they love, but I personally don’t even want to see items more than a couple dollars over. I also think we should be able to leave more detailed feedback, and the stylists should be held accountable when they send pieces the client said not to. It seems like the stylists struggle with nailing both the style and the price, at least at the lowest budget level. HOWEVER: with all that being said, Stitch Fix is super fun! I love receiving my box every month, and so far I have loved at least one item from each box, and if that stays the case my styling fee won’t go to waste. And I think even if I were to get a box that didn’t have any redeemable items, customer service would probably refund my fee anyway. I plan to keep using Stitch Fix, and in fact I am due for another box next week! I left extremely detailed notes for my stylist this time, even going so far as to pin exact pieces I would like directly from their website. If the stylist reads my note and looks at my Pinterest, my next fix should be a 5/5!

If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix risk free, use my referral link below to waive the $20 styling fee! Plus if you use my link it will credit me money to fund my shopping addiction. I would be very grateful, and so would my husband 😉



4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Reviews 1-3

  1. Debbie

    I’m hoping services like stitch fix will help people like me who hate to shop and have mobility issues. That right there is worth money to me. I tend to default to Penny’s or Kohl’s “safe” clothes, not because I want to but because I just don’t like shopping around. It’s not all about the price for me, it’s about finding quality pieces that reflect my style. I would consider myself a capsule wardrober as well.
    I heard a coworker talking on our local university radio station about Stitch Fix and decided to give it a whirl. By using her referral the $20 fee was waived. My fis
    I have that “inverted triangle” body type – most of me is above the waist.
    Your review info is helpful to me – about the pricing ranges being fluid, about the ways things did and didn’t work or meet the guidelines. Thanks for posting.


    1. Hey Debbie! Thanks for reading 🙂
      My eyes might be deceiving me, but is your photo from Disney’s Polynesian Resort? My husband and I are DVC members and that is our home resort 🙂
      I think services like Stitch Fix are here to stay, because there are so many people like me an you who love clothing, but hate shopping. And like you mentioned it is great for people with mobility issues, and I think for people who live in more isolated areas as well.
      Best of luck with all your future fixes, let me know of any methods you discover to assure 5/5 fixes!


      1. Debbie

        No you are right-on – it’s the Poly – my favorite place on earth. I know that sounds extreme – but if I had a magic wish to be anywhere that would be it. My very first trip to WDW was for my 60th birthday in 2011 – my husband and I picked the Poly to celebrate our 40th anniversary. I will be going back to WDW in May for my 5th trip – staying at Port Orleans French Quarter with my daughter for a special Mother’s Day trip.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Not extreme at all! I feel the same way about their cruise ships (I got married on the Disney Magic so it holds a special place in my heart) and the Poly is a very close runner up! We are going to be staying there the next time we go to the parks 🙂 We are going on a European Disney Cruise this fall, so will probably head to the parks in 2019.
      I hope you have a BLAST in May, please put up pictures so I can live vicariously through you! Port Orleans is such a magical resort, I am sure you will make a ton of amazing memories.


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