Stitch Fix Review #4

Last week I did a three-in-one review on my Stitch Fix experience. My feelings were pretty mixed, it seemed like the stylists were either disregarding my profile, or completely misinterpreting it. However, I am pleased to report that Fix #4 was a complete success, and (spoiler alert) I am keeping all 5 items. And I was able to work some magic to get my total cost to $75 for all 5 items. I will reveal my money saving secrets at the end 😉

I have ranked my fix from 1-5 stars, and I let you know my long winded thoughts on each item!

Fix #4

Kept 5/5 Items

This time around I got as specific as I possibly could. In my profile I said that I am reducing to a capsule wardrobe, and that I need versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched. I told her my biggest wardrobe gaps were: 1. A FITTED shirt that can be layered 2. A kimono 3. Jewelry 4. Light outerwear 5. Either distressed denim shorts, or a versatile dress. And then I pinned full outfits and exact items from their Stitch Fix page. I tried to do my best to leave no room for error. Thankfully my stylist Hillary paid really close attention and completely nailed my fix! Each item was perfectly me, AND everything was under $50 to boot.

My haul:

IMG-0688I usually avoid stripes because I worry they draw too much attention to my bust, but this was actually very flattering. It is an awesome knit material with a lot of stretch, so it hugs my waist beautifully. It is a little bit shorter than I would like, but paired with high waisted jeans it will be fine. There are also little corset lace cut-outs over the hips that were a fun surprise!

IMG-0687I have really been drawn to longer necklaces lately, and tassel/pendant styles so this was right up my alley. I already have regular length statement necklaces in silver and gold, and one long tassel necklace in silver. So having this in gold really rounds out my jewelry box!


IMG-0690I was uncertain about this based on the photo, but in person it is really pretty. The floral pattern is much more muted, and will look awesome paired over a solid dress or with shorts and a tank. It is also not baggy at all like other kimonos, so it is much more flattering shape wise.


IMG-0689This is by far my favorite item. I had pinned probably a half dozen outfits involving cargo vests, and I am SO happy my stylist found one. Especially for such a great price! It is the perfect weight for spring and autumn weather and can be worn with almost everything in my wardrobe.


IMG-0691And yet another winning item! The material is so high quality, I am honestly shocked the dress was under $100. This dress is the epitome of versatile: I can throw on a blazer and pumps and head to work, or I can pair it with a kimono and sandals for brunch, or wear it under my new vest with a pair of booties. And as a surprise bonus, there is a built in bra!


Final Verdict:


I obviously gave this box 5/5 stars because I loved and kept every single item. My stylist did an awesome job sending me items within my price range, and ensuring each item was something that would work with my existing wardrobe and fit my personal style. I have requested Hillary stay on as my personal stylist, and hopefully my next fix is just as great as this one!

And now I know the real reason anyone would read this far: to find out how I ended up only spending $75 on a full box from stitch fix. Here is the breakdown to how I did it:

First off, for buying all 5 items I was able to save 25% off the top. My original grand total was $200, so with the 25% savings it came down to $150. From there I had two referral credits at $25 each, which brought me down to $100. (PS: If you want to try Stitch Fix without risking the styling fee, use my referral link! It waives your fee and I get credit toward my fixes!) Then to bring my grand total down to $75, I used the Amex Platinum Credit Card to pay for my purchase.

Amex Platinum ran a promo where they reimbursed $25 for any Stitch Fix order of $50 or more. This promo comes up quite regularly, so by the time my next fix rolls around I will most likely have another $25 from Amex to spend. The current promo is $$ off on Hello Fresh boxes which I use weekly. (more on that later)

If you use delivery services (whether clothing or meal) I highly recommend you get the Amex Platinum card. There are always offers to get money off on the services you use, and on top of that just by using this card you get free Uber rides every single month, and $200 airline credits every single year. There is an annual fee, but if you or your spouse is active duty military that fee is waived. If you are interested, use my card referral link!

Click here for Amex Platinum

And as always, if you decide to try Stitch Fix, please be a good friend and use my link.

Click here to try Stitch Fix risk free!

I will update this a little later on with some photos of my new threads in person. Happy weekend y’all!

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