Stitch Fix #5

Ever since my 5/5 fix, I am officially addicted to Stitch Fix. My stylist seems to have a good handle on my style, and whatever metrics they use are working! Even when I don’t keep everything, I love what I do keep and wear it often. I have been in the process of reducing down to a capsule wardrobe, so I have been extremely picky with clothing. So it says a lot if I keep anything at all!

Just a reminder of my specs:

  • Height:  5’7″
  • Bust: 34DD
  • Waist: 26″
  • Hips: 36″
  • Feet: 7

I have ranked my fix from 1-5 stars (at the bottom), and let you know me thoughts on each item!

Fix #4

Kept 1/5 Items

For this fix I told my stylist in my note that I was looking for pieces that would work for the weird transition season before fall when it isn’t warm enough for shorts and tank tops, but also isn’t cold enough for pants and jackets. I also mentioned that I am loving knot/twist front tops and could use some more jewelry. Because you can never have too much jewelry. Despite only keeping one item, I think my stylist really delivered!


shirtI had asked for a knot/twist front shirt, and my stylist delivered with this Hummingbird Liara Knot Front Knit Top. I loved this shirt, however it was not loving me back. The hem was pretty loose so there was nothing to keep the shirt fitted over my curves, so it just hung straight down from my chest and the knot got pretty lost. Sizing down to an XS or even an XXS probably would have done the trick, but unfortunately they were out of stock in the smaller sizes.

braceletI really liked this Oprie Hammered Cuff, however my wrists and hands are extremely thin, so this just slid right off. In the photo it appeared to be adjustable, however it was very solid and I couldn’t get it any smaller. If it were smaller, or if there had been a way adjust it I would have kept it in a heartbeat.


shortsI loved the Mae Linen Shorts by Cosmic Blue Love, however the fit wasn’t ideal. I think the waist band was a little too small because the shorts kept riding up to my waist. And while some shorts I am sure would like fine worn at the true waist, these just didn’t work worn that way. I wanted to size up from the S to a M but unfortunately M was out of stock so I had to return without exchanging.


dressThis dress was really pretty, but unfortunately the bodice was on the short side so the waist landed at the widest part of my rib cage and made me look quite a bit larger than I actually am. I also have several black dresses already. However, this was very soft and comfortable and had the bodice been longer and the dress been in any other color I would have hung on to it.



cardiganThere is nothing like a well made cardigan to put a smile on my face, and this is definitely my favorite cardigan on the planet! It is the perfect weight for these awkward pre-fall nights, and in person it is actually a pale golden blush color, with a very faint shimmer to it. The shape is very flattering, and it is so versatile I can wear it with anything. This is one of my favorite fix pieces to date!


Final Verdict:


I gave this box a 4/5 because if not for sizing and fit issues, I would have kept most, if not all, of the items. I think my stylist Hillary did a great job delivering pieces that fit my style, and that are appropriate for the season and for my lifestyle. Plus, this is definitely such an aesthetically pleasing fix. All of the soft, muted colors just make me want to drool. And I love how all of the items can be worn together! Hopefully one of these days Stich Fix will make it easier to exchange for different sizes, and also include a way to swap for different colors!

As always, if you decide to try Stitch Fix, please be a good friend and use my link.

Click here to try Stitch Fix risk free!

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