My Disney Cruise Wedding: A Series

With my 5-year wedding anniversary just around the corner, I have been thinking back on our wedding. We got married on a Disney Cruise, so our wedding was more of a week-long celebration – rather than a typical single evening event. Obviously I am biased, but I think our wedding was the best one in the world. So, I wanted to just write out a quick blog series about my experience planning my wedding with Disney, provide you with some helpful planning tips (I was able to keep my entire wedding AND honeymoon to under $4,500!)…as well as explain why I think a Disney Cruise wedding is the best possible option.

This is more of a courtesy post, letting you know there will be a lot more blogs coming. I had originally planned on just writing one blog about it…but there was just way too much to write about so I broke it down into several smaller blogs. I hope you enjoy reading through! If you are planning a wedding, I hope you find some of my tips helpful and get some good ideas. And for those who have already been married, I hope you can read through and think back fondly on your wedding day – and laugh along at some of the things that went wrong. Because with every wedding, no matter how wonderful, things always go wrong.

Stay tuned!

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