An Open Letter to the “Relevant” Church

The real reason churches are losing the millennials has nothing to do with relevancy, and everything to do with substance. Your deafening rock concert masquerading as a worship service can never replace the sound of hundreds of believers lifting their voices to God in genuine praise and adoration. Your trendy organic coffee cafe in no way makes up for the generic, shallow, “feel good” pep talk you call a sermon. I can get the same experience you are offering without ever having to step through the doors of a church, because you aren’t offering me anything the world hasn’t already provided. You want the millennials back? Then stop trying to give us what you think we want, and start giving us what the Bible says we need. Stop trying to copy secular society, because we get enough of that the other 6 days of the week. Stop trying to be relevant, and start being faithful. Stop trying to force us to consist on a diet of watered down milk, and start giving us some meat to chew on. #yourmove

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