Travel Bucket List

I’m blessed to have been able to travel to (and live in) some very cool places all around the world. And the more I travel and see of the world, the more I want to continue traveling and seeing the world. Thankfully I married a guy who wants to travel just as much as I do, and a few weeks ago we stayed up late making a bucket list of all the places we eventually want to see. We came up with six places to start: I picked two, then he picked two, then we both came up with two more together.

My two picks: Ireland and Greece


I have always been a lover of all things Irish. The music, the dancing, the myths and folklore. Everything about Ireland has always been pure magic to me. Visiting and getting to see the castles and the incredible scenery and immerse myself in this magical culture would be a dream come true. I can’t wait to see Blarney Castle, the Ring of Kerry, and the Cliff of Mohar.


Greece (Santorini, specifically) is somewhere I have always wanted to visit due to the beauty and history. I have always heard that it feels like you have been transported back in time being there. I would love to stroll through the cities and wake up to the stunning Aegean sea. We want to spend time at Kamari Beach and Amoudi Bay, visit Akrotiri, and of course immerse ourselves into this amazing culture.

His two picks: The Maldives and Ukraine

Park_Hyatt_Maldives_Hadahaa (1)234345

Dave wants to visit Hadahaa in the Maldives and simply relax and be a beach bum. It is very easy for a vacation to end up just as stressful as everyday life, but the Maldives makes it impossible to do anything but relax and drink in the beauty of the island. We will fill our days with swimming, snorkeling in the reefs, biking around the island, sunbathing, and drinking delicious things out of coconuts.

Chernobyl Aftermath

My husband also wants to visit Pripyat, Ukraine. This is one of those things where I just have to roll my eyes and go along with him. As a bomb technician and wannabe nuclear weapons engineer, Dave is extremely fascinated by any kind of nuclear disaster. So we will eventually end up at the site of the Chernobyl accident. I am not actually sure what we would do there, so I will just let Dave handle this one.

Our two picks: Israel and Australia

Panorama of Jerusalem old city. Israel

Israel is a place we have both wanted to visit for a long time, however the military restricts service members from traveling to most places in the Middle East. Every now and then the travel restriction is lifted, but never for very long. So this will either be something we do very last minute while the restriction is lifted, or after Dave is out of the military. We want to visit Israel to be able to walk where Jesus walked and to see the Bible come alive before our very eyes. We want to float in the Dead Sea, visit the Western Wall, tour the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, visit the Mount of Olives, and so many other things.


Australia is fascinating to us because it has so much of everything. It is highly developed, and yet there is so much rugged wilderness. It’s perfect for adventure seekers (Dave) and a paradise for foodies and beach bums (me). Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in Uluru, riding camels across the Red Desert, and of course exploring Sydney, the Gold Coast, and Byron Bay!

What places are on your travel bucket list?

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