I Heart Disney Cruises

Everyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with Disney Cruises. I would sail with Disney at least once or twice a year growing up, and became a Platinum Castaway Club Member before I was old enough to drive. I got married on a Disney Cruise, and my husband and I spend all of our anniversaries cruising with Disney. To say that I am a Disney Cruise fanatic would be putting it mildly! I am absolutely in love with Disney Cruises, and I think everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime. If you don’t believe me, here are a few reasons why I think a Disney Cruise is right for everyone:

The Experience.


I am a Disney fanatic, but even I must admit the park experience can be draining. The parks are often crowded and noisy, the wait for rides and characters can easily take hours, and the weather can be downright unpleasant. So what is a Disney fanatic to do when you simply don’t want to wait two hours in the pouring rain behind a bunch of whiney kids to have your picture taken with Cinderella? The answer is that you go on a Disney Cruise. Disney Cruises offer all the same character experiences, entertainment, and activities the parks offer (plus a lot more!), but in a more laid back environment. So you end up with twice the amount to do, with half the amount of people trying to do them. Not to mention there are designated areas and events just for kids around the ship, and designated areas and events just for adults. So you can easily limit your exposure to noisy little ones if that is what you desire. If you are committed enough to the Disney experience to go to the parks, then you deserve to experience Disney the way the cruise line does it.

The Price.


Most people believe that cruising is much more expensive than a regular vacation of comparable quality, but that is just not correct. Cruises are all inclusive, whereas on a regular vacation everything is a la carte. On a regular vacation you have to factor in a hotel, food, transportation, entertainment, and amenities. And to get the same level quality, your land vacation will end up costing hundreds upon hundreds of dollars per person, per day. On a cruise you pay a flat price, and everything is covered for you. When all is said and done, people on a cruise end up spending $100-200 per day less than people on comparable land vacations.

The Food.


Holy moly the food. I am a huge foodie, and Disney Cruises have yet to disappoint me. Royal Caribbean has disappointed me. Princess Cruise Line has disappointed me. Carnival has definitely disappointed me. But the food on Disney Cruise Line is never anything less than legend-wait for it-dairy. DCL uses rotational dining which means you have the same wait staff for the whole trip, but eat in a different restaurant every night of your cruise. This means you get to experience a totally different menu every single night. And there are no limited, mediocre menus. Every dinner menu is at least five courses, with at least 4 gourmet options for each course. We aren’t talking about chicken fingers and hotdogs here. We are talking about smoked salmon tartar, black truffle pasta with champagne sauce, lobster bisque, beef wellington, raspberry crème brulee. And there is no limit to how much you can order. If you want two items from each course, go for it! If you want extra lobster tails or to sample all of the desserts, do it up! Goodness knows I have. Food cost is already included so there is no reason to not try what you want!

The Accommodations.


If you have ever cruised before, you are probably remembering cramped little cabins with two twin beds and a shower that was just a dent in the ground. Do away with that image, because like everything Disney does, the staterooms are top of the line. Even the smallest, cheapest staterooms are bigger and better than the nicer rooms on any other cruise line. They are only slightly smaller than a typical hotel room, and there is an incredible amount of Disney magic in the details. The beds are like sleeping on clouds, the sheets are soft as silk. The bath linens are fluffy and warm and even the little soaps they put in the shower smell heavenly. I would rather stay in a Disney Cruise stateroom than any resort suite in the world.

The Entertainment.


The entertainment on Disney Cruise Line is phenomenal. From the lounge singers to the comedy shows all the way up to their Broadway caliber musicals, everything is executed flawlessly. The onboard entertainers are not just kids who got an A in drama class: these are highly trained, highly talented professionals who will blow you away every single night. You will laugh until your sides hurt in the comedy shows. You will cry from the heartfelt sentiment in the musicals. You will audibly gasp while watching the magicians, and walk away wondering if magic really is real.

The Service.


Disney pioneered what is now known as aggressive hospitality. For those that are unfamiliar with the term, the main distinction is that the Aggressive Hospitality Service is Proactive not Reactive. In other words, the needs are anticipated before the need arises. Chances are you will never have to flag down a cast member for something, because someone has already provided it for you or offered it to you. And on the off chance you do have to seek something out, the cast members always bend over backwards to make sure your cruise is as magical as possible. The cast members are some of the funniest, happiest, most interesting people in the world and it is always an adventure getting to know them.

The Island.


Castaway Cay is by far one of the most magical places on the planet. The entire island is stunning, perfectly landscaped while still retaining its wild edge. There are two main beaches, the family beach and the adult only beach. Both beaches have ample seating, there is always plenty of reclining beach chairs and hammocks. There are areas for snorkeling and scuba diving, and areas for dolphin and stingray encounters. There is parasailing, tubing, and jet skiing. You can rent bikes to ride all around the island, and there are amazing hiking trails as well.

The Friendships.


Disney people are cliquey people, but in the absolute best way. Meeting another Disney person (especially a Disney Cruise person) is like meeting someone who was in the same sorority or fraternity as you. There is an immediate bond and connection. It sounds cliché, but Dave and I have made so many lifelong friends this way. We now have our little circle of Disney Cruise friends that we hang out with and go on vacations with. It’s like being part of a club, and the only stipulation to join is that you love Disney!

The View.


This is probably pretty self explanatory, but there is something awe inspiring about being constantly surrounded by the vast sea. I have been on more cruises than I can count, and I never get tired of the pristine ocean views.

If you have ever been on a Disney Cruise please sound off in the comments! What is your favorite thing about Disney Cruises?

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!




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