Budget “Tower of Terror” Guest Bedroom Makeover

Being a Disney fanatic and HGTV junkie, my goal has been to apply a tasteful Disney theme to each room in my house. My living room has a very subtle Under the Sea theme, and my kitchen has a lot of bright, tropical Disney Cruise elements. The master bedroom is loosely modelled after a Disney Cruise stateroom (I will do a post on that eventually), the dining room was inspired by Gaston’s Tavern, and our home office has a Magic Kingdom theme. Even the bathrooms have Disney themes: A Polynesian Village Resort master bathroom and an It’s a Small World guest bathroom. The one room that has been vexing me from day number one, however, is our guest bedroom.

No matter what I did in that room, I just could not get it to look classy. In Colorado it started off as a Castaway Cay theme with lots of brightly colored fish and flowers, but it ended up looking like a gaudy neon motel room. In Virginia I tried a World Showcase theme, showcasing different souvenirs Dave and I had collected from our travels around the world. However that didn’t work out either and just looked cluttered and messy. When we first moved to Louisiana, I figured I would go for a “Snow White” look and paint the furniture white and keep the linens all white, but then it just looked too bland and boring, so I ended up giving up and keeping the door shut so I wouldn’t have to look at my failure.

It was actually Dave who gave me the idea for the winning theme. We were walking through the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios, and he said “I wish this ride had actual hotel rooms in it we could stay in, that would be so awesome.” And then in the gift shop he insisted on buying one of the HTH pillows and asked if we could display it on the guest bed. And thus an idea was born. After we got home I went onto the Room Styler online program (if you have never used it, get on it. It allows you to design rooms to scale and decorate them then take a realistic 3D photo of it. Completely free!) and started figuring out how I could incorporate the Hollywood Tower Hotel elements into a guest bedroom in a way that still looked clean and welcoming.


(^ this is the 3D concept I came up with on Room Styler ^)

Dave requested that I stick to a budget of $50 for the entire makeover (talk about design on a dime!) so I knew I would have to work with the main pieces I already had. I really wanted to paint the furniture all black, but having just redone them in white a couple months prior I knew it would cost close to $30 to redo them, and that wouldn’t leave enough in my budget to do anything else. So I just had to work around the all white furniture. My saving grace actually ended up being Walmart. I am more of a Target girl so I never paid attention to any of the home goods in Walmart (aside from the Pioneer Woman kitchen collection) and I was pleasantly surprised at how many bedroom items they had in the $5-15 range. Because my main pieces were all white, I decided to get everything else in burgundy and black. I purchased:

A set of two burgundy floor length curtain panels: $10

A black framed mirror: $3

A black picture frame with a black silhouette: $5

A set of two burgundy throw pillows: $10

A large burgundy blanket: $12

A black and white trellis rug: $4

Grand total: $44


Once I got home from Walmart I set everything up immediately, and was very pleased with the result. I already had the HTH pillow and our bellhop hats from Halloween, and I think those tied the theme together nicely. The room is a little more literal than I am used to, but I think it looks great nonetheless. Especially for such a low price! Eventually I want to make a few adjustments, such as switching out the white lampshade for a black one, getting a black clock for the wall across from the window (not pictured) and I will probably end up painting the furniture again down the road. I also used the remaining $6 in my budget to order a service bell, and whenever Amazon Prime decides to come through for me I will be putting that on the nightstand. But aside from those few little changes that will happen eventually, I am extremely pleased with how the room turned out. And now that the room is finally done, please feel free to visit….if you dare.


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