Not “You Too.”

I am going to keep this short.

Unless you have ACTUALLY been sexually assaulted (like, you know, raped, molested), get your little “me too” off of your Facebook profile.

Being cat-called by a construction worker is not the same as being sexually assaulted. A guy crowding your space at a party is not the same as being sexually assaulted. A guy “undressing you with his eyes” is not the same as being sexually assaulted. 

Does it suck? Absolutely.

Is it equivalent to being violently assaulted, or being abused as a child? Absolutely not.

There is a huge difference, and if you don’t understand the difference, then it is clear you have never experienced true assault.

If you are claiming “me too” but have never truly experienced assault, you are trivializing what so many women have gone through. You are saying that what they experienced isn’t really that bad. But let’s be clear about something: you haven’t got a clue. You can’t relate to them. You haven’t experienced anything like what they have gone through, and continue to go through. Your “me too” is meaningless. It is nothing more than you trying to be the center of attention, because Heaven forbid an actual rape victim steals your precious spotlight.

So on behalf of all victims everywhere: STOP.

2 thoughts on “Not “You Too.”

  1. Wow. I absolutely loved this post! That should be plastered all over Facebook, but you’d just hear a lot of whining. It’s gotten bad when a man pays someone a compliment, and suddenly they are being told. to stop hitting on :me” it makes “me” uncomfortable, No wonder we all walk around without speaking or making eye contact.

    Just wanted you to know I thought this post, one of the best ones I have read in awhile. Spot on and true words.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Ron! You hit the nail on the head: this “me too” movement is really all about “me,” and everybody wants to be a victim. And if you tell them that their experience is not that serious, or if nothing malicious was intended, they blow up. I am all about raising awareness and developing programs to help ACTUAL victims, but this “me too” movement is trivializing (and even glamorizing) assault.

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