Military Spouses are GOOD For Business

Hiring managers are always looking for ways to obtain top talent, reduce turnover, and save money – and yet they overlook an entire demographic that offers exactly that: military spouses.

Military spouses bring a lot to the table, and savvy leaders need to be aware of the benefits this group of people can offer. So I have compiled a quick list of 5 reasons to hire military spouses, and I hope this allows people to see us in a new light.

1. We are an untapped pool of highly educated, skilled, experienced, and diverse employees.

Because we move every 2-3 years, employers see us as a liability and avoid hiring us – no matter how perfectly we would fit into the organization. Which means under/unemployment is rampant amongst our ranks.

If you look at a sampling of military spouses, you will find former Olympic athletes, women with their PhDs, men who speak 4+ languages fluently, people with top-secret clearances, former government representatives – most either working part-time, in entry-level jobs, or completely unemployed.

Not because they want to be – but because employers are afraid of hiring someone who might not be there forever.

But isn’t that a risk you take with ANY employee?

2. We are going to work for you for as long as we can.

To piggyback off the above point, there is always a risk that an employee will find a better job and quit.  But with military spouses, that risk goes WAY down.

Not just because it’s harder for us to find jobs, but also because it is in our best interest to stay loyal to the business that gave us a chance.

We have all struggled to find/maintain steady employment, so when we are offered a job, it isn’t something we take for granted. We have a high desire to remain employed, and we provide an unparalleled level of loyalty and will go above and beyond every single day.

So if you hire a military spouse, you will be hiring a completely loyal, hardworking employee who will stick with you for as long as possible.

And then if you are able to offer remote work options, you might just find yourself with a loyal employee for decades.

3. We don’t need your insurance benefits.

And I’m not just saying that. We really don’t need them.

The military offers insurance to service-members and their spouses and children, which means we are set on medical/dental/vision/life. We don’t need you to cover any of that for us. We are good.

So hiring a military spouse could save you a nice little chunk of change.

4. We can fit in and contribute anywhere.

Military spouses are SO flexible and adaptable. We move so often and are constantly exposed to new people and customs and cultures – we are like chameleons and have learned to just blend in and make it work. We can communicate with anyone about anything, and we can accomplish any task we are given.

Which means we can also do just about any job, even if it isn’t something we have specialized in.

No, I am not saying a military spouse with a background in journalism could immediately step into a position as an accountant. But they could probably do very well in your marketing department or in a communications role.

And trust that if a military spouse is applying for a specific role, it’s because they know they can do it. Remember – it is crucial for us to do well in a job, so we aren’t going to step into a role if we think there is a chance we can fail. So if you see a spouse with a background in athletics applying for a marketing role, at least talk to them. They might surprise you.

5. Goodwill advertising

Supporting the troops looks good on everyone, and everybody likes to say they provide support. But few actually do. The best way to actually support the troops is to support their entire family unit — by providing jobs for their dependents. It’s a great way to advertise your business and is a guaranteed way to make a big splash in military circles.

The military community is a small world, and news travels quickly. If you are giving employment opportunities to military spouses, our community is going to find out and rally behind you. If you support one of our own, we are going to support you.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of reasons – but it’s a start.

And now I would love to hear from you!

Managers: Have you ever hired military spouses? If so, how did you make it work?

Spouses: What is your background, and your current job situation?

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