Quick Life Update

Hey guys! It’s been a while, figured I would share a quick life update with you.

I had an insane 2018. Dave completed command in the spring, and then things went into warp speed. We spent a couple of weeks traveling with friends and hit New Orleans, Houston, and a few other locations. Said our (tearful) goodbyes to people that had become like family during our time at Polk, then I headed to Virginia and Dave handled packing up in Louisiana.

I promise I didn’t ditch him to just be a jerk: I had to conduct work training in Washington DC, visit family in New York and Pennsylvania, and then I had a big trip planned with my mom and sister at the end of the summer, so it just made sense to head out east during the transition. Dave went to hang out with his parents in South Carolina, so midway through the transition, we met up and did a mini-tour of the Carolina’s and Georgia. Then he headed off to New Mexico to get us moved in, and I headed off on a month-long European vacation.

And yes, I do feel guilty that I left him to move across the country alone while I played in Europe…but that’s one thing every military spouse learns early on: if you put off life experiences because of the army, you will never have any experiences. So Dave and I both decided it didn’t make sense to cancel my trip because the military decided to move us. So off I went, and off he went.

By the way: the trip was terrific. I went to Iceland, England, France, Ireland, and Nova Scotia. Plus Washington DC and New York City on both ends. I wish Dave had been there with me, but I am still glad I had the experience. I will write about it when I get more time, so keep your eyes out for that!

Anyway, I have been living in New Mexico for about four months now. It is beautiful here, but so cold. When we got orders to NM, I was picturing all the scenes from Breaking Bad, sweltering heat and blazing sun. Which I am 100% okay with. I was pretty shocked to get here and find out we are actually on top of a mountain in a big ski area, and we get more snow than you would believe. We were snowed in for almost two weeks straight after New Years. And as you probably know, Dave and I are not big cold weather people, so we have been taking every opportunity we can to escape to warmer climates. The first week of December I headed to Disney for a week with my mom, then Dave and I skipped Christmas and week to Vegas for a week over the holidays. We are heading to Arizona in a couple weeks to reunite with some of our favorite people from Polk, then Dave is heading to New Orleans the first week of April, and I will probably tag along if my work trip to California doesn’t end up being the same time.

Speaking of work trips…I got a new job! As of a couple months ago, I became the Content Marketing Manager for a large cybersecurity firm. The company I work for is amazing and is doing incredible things in the world. Plus, they are just wildly generous towards their employees. There is unlimited PTO (self-managed), and the job is 100% remote and flexible. It’s actually a bit like online college courses — I have deadlines to meet, but there are no specific time requirements as far as when I am actually working.

And speaking of online college courses…I finally bit the bullet and enrolled in grad school. I know, I know, it only took me two years to stop talking about it and actually do it. I am enrolled in my second semester of the Master of Organizational Leadership program with dual concentrations in Human Resource Management and Business Development, at Regent University. I went there for undergrad and had a great experience, and they offered me enough scholarships and discounts to make it worth my while to return. My whole graduate program is going to cost less than a year of undergrad — and I still get tuition reimbursement anyway. So it’s definitely a great situation. I have straight A’s so far (knock on wood), and I am hoping to graduate in the fall of 2020. But we shall see, I might have to skip a couple semesters to accommodate moving and weddings and such.

And speaking of moving (last awkward paragraph transition, I swear) we head back to Virginia this summer! Dave will be working some kind of weapons policy job at Fort Lee, just outside Richmond. So I will be back within about an hour of my sweet family and friends. We are planning on buying a house, ideally one with 4 bedrooms so we can have lots of guests. Get your overnight bags ready, because we are prepared to entertain!

Anyway, I have rambled on for way too long. I look forward to connecting with everyone back on the east coast, keep in touch and let’s try to plan some time together!

Love, Lydia

PS. Sheldon is incredible and perfect and amazing. Love that sweet cat.

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