What to Do at What Base: Round 2

It’s been over three years since I first shared my blog “What to Do at What Base.” Since that post, I have moved three more times — and one of those moves returned me to Fort Lee, where I discovered just about everything had changed since the first time I lived there. Upon doing more research, I discovered that many of the places and activities I enjoyed so much at each location no longer exist.

I updated my original blog a while ago to reflect the changes, but three years and three moves later, I figured it would make sense to just start from scratch. Plus, I’ve found myself in a bit of a writing slump ever since graduation. It’s about time I shake off the dust and put some thoughts into writing again.

As I got writing, I realized trying to consolidate five different duty stations into a single post made for much too long a read. So I decided to break it down into individual articles to make it a bit easier to digest. I’ll get those up throughout the coming weeks — and once I get settled in Ohio I will put some ideas together for that.  Enjoy!

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