Our Experience Building With Fischer Homes (Part 3)

It’s the home stretch…or so they say. We are supposed to be closing this month: March of 2022. Eight months later than their “worst case scenario” projection when we first contracted. But at least we have dates. Communication has, not surprisingly, dried up again. The house is locked up tight any time we go by, so we really have no idea what is going on.

2/25/2022 – We have a new project manager. I think this is number 4? or 5? I’ve lost track. He said that carpet was installed and appliances were delivered (a reliable source told us only the oven was delivered). The PM said the paint crew did touchups (and the same reliable source said that is definitely not true). We scheduled our home orientation for March 18, with closing 7-10 days after.

2/28/2022 – A few neighbors texted that landscaping is going in. So far just the front yard tree and the bushes around the foundation, we are betting they lay sod at all the houses at the same time. So we might not close with full landscaping. They forgot to paint the front porch pillar so they need to have the painters back out for that. The garage door is supposed to be installed this week, and I am hoping they fix the post lamp since it is resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

3/4/2022 – The PM sent an email that basically amounted to “We got some stuff done inside the house this week! We hope to get to more things next week!” Not exactly informational. They have exactly two weeks from today to get everything done for our walkthrough. We aren’t getting our hopes up because at this rate they are only bringing one service in per week, so the house is sitting untouched 5-6 days each week.

3/4/2022 – They installed the wrong garage door. We had paid to upgrade to a nicer door with windows, but I walked by and the one currently on our house is a typical cheapo garage door with no windows. I emailed the PM, but of course, received no response. Other houses are having garage doors put in with windows, so I have no idea why we are once again getting saddled with all the mistakes.

3/7/2022 – We got a closing date! I’m not going to share it though, because, let’s be honest, it will probably get delayed.

3/8/2022 – The private inspector went through and was extremely thorough. He did not check for county-specific code-related items, just safety and habitability. Fortunately, he only found three issues that really need to be fixed prior to closing. Some missing insulation, the range hood fan wasn’t properly vented outside, and there was some really bizarre caulking around the basement toilet.

3/9/2022 – The house failed the final county inspection. Code issues with a window, the handrail going upstairs, exterior dryer exhaust, and the plans for the loft space. The plans are the most concerning because they could take a long time held up at county approval.

3/10/2022 – Our realtor called and left a message with the project manager asking for clarification on the plan change. The county system isn’t showing a plan change, so we are a bit concerned. It could be a really fast approval, or it could get held up for over a week. We hope Fischer doesn’t wait until the last minute.

3/10/2022 – Our realtor spoke with the PM and he said the plan change was submitted to the county and the other code fails were corrected. This plan change request still isn’t showing in the system. This new PM seems a lot more honest and competent than others, but I’m still freaking out.

3/11/2022 – I logged onto the county website and it says the plan changes were submitted, and if I’m reading the report correctly it looks like it was approved right away. It says “done” where other permit changes say “approved,” but it seems like it would be the same thing. So assuming that’s good, I will feel a million times better. Now I just want to confirm that we are getting a garage door opener, that they will finish the exterior trim and paint, and fix the issues our private home inspector found. I never thought I would have to manage my own home build project. I hate it.

3/15/2022 – I checked the county page and the plan change was added again with a different return date, then removed and added again with a return date of 3/18. Then it was approved quickly. Weird, but at least it happened fast!

3/16/2022 – The second final inspection is scheduled for 3/17.

3/17/2022 – WE PASSED FINAL INSPECTION. The certificate of occupancy will be issued any day now, and that means there are no more hurdles to closing (besides Fischer itself).

I have lost every single ounce of enthusiasm for this house. Thank goodness the community is amazing, it will help make up for having to live in a Fischer Home.

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