Our Experience Building With Fischer Homes (Part 2)

ICYMI, Dave and I are in the midst of the home build project from you-know-where. Today marks a year since we made the mistake of signing a contract with Fischer Homes, and if you are curious about what we have dealt with the last 12 months, you can read about it here. The last update I shared was that we were waiting on the results of our fourth framing inspection on January 13th.

1/13/2022 – It looks like the fourth try is the charm because we finally passed framing inspection. We were told insulation will be installed 1/14, drywall immediately after. Drywall is expected to take ten business days. 

1/15/2022 – I walked through the build and there isn’t a scrap of insulation anywhere. Not especially surprised.

1/17/2022 – Our neighbor texted that installation is being installed. Hopefully this small delay won’t cause a ripple effect when it comes to the drywall and all the finishes.

1/19/2022 – A friend took a peek through the house and said most of the ceilings had been drywalled. 

1/21/2022 – Our super emailed that they expect our home orientation to occur between March 11 and March 18, with closing a week after — assuming no delays.

1/29/2022 – The newest supervisor emailed that the drywallers would be wrapping up in a day or two, and then they would begin paint, trim, floors, and lights.

1/30/2022 – I went over the house and was pleased to see how much had been done. Drywall was completely hung and mudded, and just needed to be sanded. I noticed a few potential issues, like a closet missing drywall, the island was crooked/warped, and there was no hole for the kitchen vent. I emailed the super about it same day.

2/2/2022 – Happy one-year anniversary of “you’ll be moved into your home no later than August or September!” In true Fischer form, we still haven’t gotten a response to our questions. However, when I walked by today there was somebody there working which was a pleasant surprise. I’m just not sure if it’s still drywall or if they have moved on to other trades. Guess we will see.

2/6/2022 – We took a peek and a lot had been done. Walls were painted, cabinets were in, bathroom counters were installed, hard flooring was down, and trim was up everywhere except the dining room. The closet was still missing drywall.

2/11/2022 – Our super emailed that trim was done and lights were hung. He said the next week goal was painting the trim and the second layer of wall paint, kitchen counters, and backsplash.

2/14/2022 – I walked through to test out the lights and noticed the closet was drywalled. Nothing else has been done, and trim was still missing in the dining area.

2/16/2022 – I walked by and there was nobody working on the house — however the neighbor to the left (who broke ground well after us) was having their garage door painted and landscaping put in. We still have no garage door. I walked through and very little had changed. The protective paper was removed from the hard flooring, and the master shower stall was in. Besides that, nothing was changed and the trim was still unfinished.

2/18/2022 – No update from Fischer this week. Surprise surprise. I walked over to see for myself, and it was locked up tight.

I’ll continue updating this over the coming weeks. Our current project manager seems more on top of things and has been good about sending weekly updates. However, communication outside of weekly updates is nonexistent, and we are cutting things very close for our rate locks. Even another small delay could cost us a lot. So hopefully they kick it into gear SOON.

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