Living in a Fischer Home

We moved into our Fischer Home just about three months ago, on March 25 of 2022. In case you somehow missed it, our experience building with Fischer was absolutely hellish. I wrote several different blogs about it, and after we closed I consolidated it down into one: “Our 14 Month Nightmare, Courtesy of Fischer Homes.

We have built several times with different builders, and I can say with confidence Fischer Homes is the worst builder we have ever worked with. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say they are the worst company we have ever worked with, of any company in any sector.

Since we moved in, a lot of people have asked us: “Now that you are actually in the house, do you feel differently about Fischer?”

The short answer? No.

If anything, I hate Fischer Homes even more strongly than I did three months ago, due in large part to continued problems and continued negligence. Fortunately nothing too serious has happened, but at this point every little inconvenience (and how poorly Fischer handles it) is like dumping salt in a wound.


  1. We still don’t have the correct garage door. Fischer gave us the runaround for months. After pushing and pushing and adding it to our warranty claim and our 90 day punch-list, they finally had the garage door company reach out. The garage folks told us Fischer hadn’t even requested the correct door until that week — more than three months after we alerted Fischer.
  2. Our master shower has water leaking out from the side where the door connects to the stall. We alerted Fischer immediately, and somebody came out to spray some silicone, which did nothing. We asked for them to come back…and fast-forward two months and nobody ever came back out, and now there is noticeable water damage from the continued leaking.
  3. The electrician they used made a lot of shady, lazy decisions with the wiring. The lights in the garage only worked intermittently, and the lights over the kitchen island didn’t work at all. So Dave ended up having to rewire. He got it all fixed, but he shouldn’t have had to tear through the wiring and change everything to get it operational.

All that to say: Fischer is a horrible company to build with, and the experience does not improve after closing.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The house seems well-constructed where it counts, and we do like the layout. We especially love the community, and are very grateful to live here and have such incredible friends and neighbors. If we’d known then what we do now, we’d still choose to live right here…we just would have paid more to build with literally any other company.

We will absolutely never build with Fischer again. We don’t care how unique their layouts are, how pretty the finishes, or how nice the community. It’s not worth it. But now that we are in the house, we are going to make the most out of our remaining time here. And I hope whoever buys this house from us in a couple years know how lucky they are to get into this layout and into this community without ever having to deal with Fischer directly.

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