Budget “Haunted Mansion” Guest Bedroom Makeover (Plus Tower Room Updates)

We have been blessed with a beautiful new home with lots of space. The downstairs has an open concept living room, dining room, and massive kitchen. There is also a bathroom and office. The upstairs has a large master with en suite, plus three more bedrooms and a third bathroom. Needless to say we have plenty of room for guests to come and stay.

Since we are going to be stationed here in Virginia for a while, I finally felt comfortable fully decorating the guest spaces. I had decorated one guest room back in Louisiana, so I had most of what I needed for that (see Budget “Tower of Terror” Guest Bedroom Makeover). During our year in New Mexico I started gathering items for a second Disney themed, budget guest bedroom. This time I went with a Haunted Mansion theme.

Haunted Mansion Guest Bedroom

Because I had over a year to plan for this room, my budget wasn’t as tight as it was for the Tower room. I also used a lot of things we already had but weren’t using, which freed me up to spend a bit more on fun items.


Set of grey jacquard window curtains: $0 (they were originally in our old master bedroom but aren’t the right size for the windows in the new master)

Chandelier artwork: $35 (purchased from an antique store)

Faux mink bedspread and shams: $0 (this set used to be in the master bedroom but I updated the master while in Louisiana, and the faux fur went into storage until now)

Purple plush blanket: $0 (gifted from my mom)

Purple Haunted Mansion wallpaper throw: $48 (these retail for $80 but I was able to use a cast member 40% off holiday discount to get it down quite a bit)

Dooney and Bourke HM Pillow: $18 (cast member discount brought it down from $30)

Black end table: $14 ( purchased a set of 2 from Walmart, the mate is being used outside by the fire pit)

Black lamp: $12 (purchased from an antique store)

Black and white small rug: $0 (relocated from the Tower bedroom)

Iron dress form: $15 (purchased from an antique store)

Tall dresser: $0 (have had this dresser for years and years, and painted it white in Louisiana. Will repaint it black eventually)

Creepy mirror: $30 (purchased from an antique store)

Haunted Mansion Ride artwork: $60 (this was definitely a splurge, I stumbled across the limited edition print and pin while at a random craft fair)

Door Sign: $9 (using cast member discount)

Total: $241

This was definitely a pricier room than the Tower room, but I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

I also made a few updates to the Tower of Terror guest bedroom:

Tower of Terror Bedroom

Andrew got me an awesome piece of artwork showing Mickey and the gang dressed up like bellhops, and my grandma gave me a really lovely Persian rug in burgundy, black, and gold. I got a cheap bookcase off of Amazon to display the caps and keys and such, got a new lamp at a thrift store, and moved the leather chaise lounge from the office into the bedroom. I also got a Tower of Terror bath robe that I have hanging on the closet door. I love this room too — pictures don’t do it justice!

I hope you enjoy what I have done with these two bedrooms — feel free to drop in to see the rooms in person, we always have room for one more 😉

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